Our cocktails at The Hope are fresh and delicious and our bartenders love mixing them just the way you like them!

Bumbleberry Daiquiri
Perfect for all the sweet tooths out there! Bacardi, fresh lime juice and our popular Frobisher summer fruits Bumbleberry smoothie, shaken hard and served over ice.

English Garden Party
Hendricks Gin, elderflower liqueur, apple and lime juice and a generous helping of cucumber, come together for the most summery, refreshing cocktail you’ve ever tasted!

Espresso Martini
An all time classic! Strong and smooth coffee, a big slug of Stoli vodka and a smokey splash of Kahlua, all shaken together over ice and served short and feisty in a martini glass.

Rosie & Gin
Essentially the sweeties from your childhood in liquid form and hardened up! Beefeater gin, elderflower cordial, blackberry liqueur, fresh mint and a squeeze of lime.

Kentucky Royale
Arguably, the best bourbon cocktail money can buy! Jim Beam, blackberry liqueur and a big fizz of ginger beer. Life? THIS IS LIFE!

East 8 Hold Up
Sweet, but definitely with a kick to catch the unwary. Stoli vodka, Aperol, pineapple juice and a squeeze of lime, shaken together and served with a load of ice.

White Russian
Another classic. Stoli vodka, Kahlua and Daisy’s finest milk, served frothy and on the rocks and sprinkled with chocolate. Creamy and delicious. Moo.

Disaronno Sweet ‘N’ Sour
A unique and super-refreshing babe. Disaronno (obvs), fresh lemon, a dash of sugar and a glug of orange juice. Shaken, strained and served over ice to create this zingy sunshine in a glass!

Bloody Marys
How to make the perfect Bloody Mary is a very hot topic, however (not to brag or nothing), we think we’ve got it down to a T! Stoli vodka, Tabasco, Worcester Sauce, a big dollop of horseradish and pickled ginger if you like (we v. recommend it!) all stirred gently together with fresh tomato juice. A stick of celery, sea salt and cracked pepper finish it off. Yum.

[Other variants available: Bloody Maria/Bloody Akari/Virgin. Just ask at the bar!]