We have a great selection of wines at The Hope to suit every taste and every occasion. Whether you love big bold and sassy reds or light and delicate whites, our bartenders are happy to help you find your perfect match!


Don Cayetano Merlot Chi
A rich and plummy red, full of classic Chilean vibrancy, from the smug buggers who scooped ‘Chilean Winery of the Year’ three times.

Three Realms Pinot Noir Rom
We might not have let the Romanians in the EU, but we’re very happy to swig their wine, and this gentle Pinot Noir with a cherry nose and a mouthful of spice will show you why.

Black Stump Shiraz Aus
Like a whack round the head from a big Aussie guy carrying a sack of plums and wild brambles, this almost-black cracker (from the almost-forgotten Durif grape) will leave you rosy-cheeked and delirious.

Aires Andinos Malbec Arg
A classic Malbec that never disappoints, rich and intense ruby colours with bags of deep red fruits and sweeter tannins with a frisky Argentine temperament.

Oltre Passo Primitivo It
A warm and voluptuous Italian favourite, soft and sexy in the mouth with whiffs of dates and figs. Big, but not Sumo.

Chapel Down ‘The Union’ Red UK
A fresh and fruity Brit red that shows just how good the UK wine industry can be. Autumny blackcurrants and crunchy black pepper cruise into laid back tannins and Eton mess memories.


Alfredini Garganega Pinot Grigio It
Picking up all the freshness and crispyness the Alps could throw at it, this delicious mouthful of Garganega grapes is all limes and grapefruits. Easy, friendly and too much fun for ordinary people.

Don Cayetano Chardonay Chi
More showing off from the Chilean prize winners, with loads of freshness alongside luscious and creamy chunks of pineapple and peach, making for an unusual and sometimes controversial Chard.

Big Bombora Chardonay Aus
Aussie surfer dudes and dudettes ride the “bommies” that break over the reefs and sand banks, and this Big Bombora is a sunkissed, young, dumb and full of vanilla sunscreen and apple smoothies.

Stonebuck Sauvignon Blanc SA
With vineyards in Darling growing right next to the coast, the rugged landscape has served up an intense and vibrant white, with grassy nosefulls and lots of citrusy mouths.

Alma Andina Torrontes Arg
Once hugely uncool but now thankfully very much back in vogue, the scenesters will weep at the punchy tropical fruits that jump out of the bottle, nosey wet honeysuckle, and the sick pale green colour.

Chapel Down Bacchus UK
Perhaps Chapel Down’s most famous storm trooper, the Bacchus grape (England’s answer to Sauvignon Blanc) dishes out wheelbarrows full of gooseberries and spring nettles, with a dry and zippy finish.


Principato Pinot Blush It
Like drinking Pinot Grigio, but with added pink, the short fermentation lets the grape skins add a little coppery pink to the mix, along with subtle peach and fruity flavours and a fresh and cheeky aroma.

Petticoat White Zinfandel USA
Packed with all the fun, flavour and police brutality that make California so great, the dark and powerful soul of the Zinfandel is finally mellowed out with strawberries and rosewater followed by summery plums and cassis. Peace.

Château Gigery Côtes de Provence Fr
This superb wine is as classic and impressive as the Château where it’s spooned by tiny mice into fancy bottles. A perfect salmon colour with lemons and strawberries giving way to a slightly spicy finish, it’s a summer holiday in a bottle (unless you’re a mouse).


Prosecco Corte Alta It
A fresh and fizzy party Prossec to satisfy a gentle craving or frenzied Friday night Prosecco rampage. Lots of peach and pear, not too sweet, not too dry, lots of refreshing.

Valento Spumante It
Change your fizz up a gear with this super-spritzy Spumante, fresh and crisp with a whole bunch (and we mean a lot!) of Italian love in every bottle!

Perrier Jouët Grand Brut NV Fr
The Queen of champagnes for those who know their stuff and don’t want to spend three figures on a bottle of brasso. Perrier Jouët has been producing excellent Champagnes since 1811, with sassy labels to match. Soft and appley with a very quaffable balance zest and warmth.